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American Ceramic Technology, Inc. is the ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer of Silflex® Shielding, the award winning nonhazardous, non-lead radiation shielding. In 2005, Silflex® tungsten shielding was developed and certified by Entergy and ANO in 2007 for use in the nuclear industry.  We have expanded into the medical, military, NDT, mining and oil & gas industries. Manufacturing is located in California and South Carolina in the USA.


Designed with a flexible silicone base, we have many radiation shielding materials and product options. We design custom solutions to help customers achieve their ALARA goals. Silflex® shielding is designed for maximum radiation dose reduction during operation and installation to protect personnel and equipment. 


American Ceramic Technology has changed the way people look at radiation shielding. Our innovative technology allows nuclear power plants, laboratories and naval reactors to provide a safer, cleaner and more efficient work environment.

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By using this new Silflex bismuth shielding curtain, we not only improved our outage performance, but the bismuth shielding also reduced people's stay inside containment.

- Terry, St. Lucie NPP


The Silflex underhead tungsten shielding is a booming success with 40%-50% dose rate reduction. The mock up training helped ensure the laborers understood no streaming between curtains. The Silflex radiation shielding curtains were staggered to prevent streaming. The work area dose rates went from 4.9 Rem/hr to 2.7 Rem/hr. Other areas went from 4.2 Rem/hr to 2.1 Rem/hr. It did take 2 person-rem but we will save at least 10-15 person-rem. Thanks for your help. 

- Harry, Palisades NGS

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We've adopted the use of Silflex tungsten radiation
shielding for select areas. The use of tungsten  shielding and bismuth shielding vs lead blankets reduced our recent weld overlay dose by about 4 rem. Using tungsten shielding significantly reduced dose rates on our cavity drain line and eliminated a locked high radiation area condition seen in previous outages when lead blankets were used.

- Rob, Farley NP

The installation of our modification was tedious and unlike any other lead shielding installation people are familiar with because of the sensitivity of the components. Any inadvertent bumping of the level switches could place the plant at risk. In all, the Silflex tungsten shielding will reduce area dose rates by about 50 percent which will lead to a significant increase in uptime.

- Joe, Fermi NGS


Silflex® is a registered trademark of American Ceramic Technology in the United States of America 

The Silflex lead blanket replacements worked great! They fit perfectly in the tight space and were used throughout the process except for actually installing the clamps.  We saved approximately 1.5 Rem during MSIP having the shielding.

- Shari, Comanche Peak NPP

The tungsten Silflex pipe and valve shielding in the U3 & U4 Pipe & Valve Room had dose rate reductions of 82% and 87% respectively which were very significant. Thank you for your support.

- Duane, FPL