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pipe wraps

Pipe Wraps

A convenient and quick solution for shielding pipes, elbows, tees and valves. No more wrapping or hanging lead blankets to shield pipes. These pipe wraps are custom made to wrap around the diameter and height of the pipe being shielded.

pipe wrap
large pipe shield
magnetic pipe wrap

Silflex pipe wraps can be engineered to meet weight and size restrictions, while meeting or exceeding attenuation goals. This innovative design and technology has allowed plants to shield areas they previously could not and is one of the easiest custom applications to install.

We have magnetic backings and closures are available for applications where only the underside or front of pipe require shielding. Standard length is 12” with other lengths available on request. Any thicknesses are available as required to cover all pipe hot spot shielding requirements.

Click here for pipe wrap mold inventory, allowing for short lead times and cost savings.

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