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radiation protection vest

Radiation Vests

 Silflex radiation vests reduce dose intake and provides workers radiation shielding for their vital organs. This level of dose reduction cannot be completed by any other commercially available wearable product and provide several times greater attenuation than lead aprons. Silflex radiation vests come in 20 lb single sided and 30 lb double sided options for direct and indirect radiation.

radiation vest
radiation shielding vest

In North America, these radiation vests are generally used in laboratories where technicians have constant low level radiation exposure. These Silflex vests have been used extensively in Fukushima in clean-up efforts. Our personal radiation vest is the Nuclear Power Magazine 2010 Project Of The Year winner and the Nuclear Energy Institute's 2011 Top Industry Practice Award For Best Material And Process. In nuclear shielding, when you can’t shield the source, apply it to your workers. Compliant with Reg. Guide 8.40, issued July 2010.

radiation vest

We have radiation vest options which are one size fits all as well as fixed sizing options depending on your requirement. The fixed sizing has been newly developed without the velcro straps for increased shoulder comfort and with an adjustable belt around the midsection. We have developed these new vest designs with our international customers to increase range of motion and keep the material weight manageable for long periods.

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