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lead blanket

Lead Blanket


We offer excellent, competitively priced lead-free radiation shielding blankets as an alternative to lead blankets. Silflex lead blanket replacement sheets are fabricated from stainless steel radiation shielding powders optimized to provide equivalent or greater attenuation to 10 lb/sq ft, 15 lb/sq ft and 20 lb/sq ft lead wool blankets. These lead blanket replacements are available in any color with grommets and come in 1' widths and 2', 3', 4', 5' and 6' lengths.

Advantages include Silflex radiation shielding blankets weighing up to 30% less than a lead wool blanket with similar attenuation, a slick surface for decontamination and the shielding will stay consistent throughout the life of the Silflex lead blanket replacement unlike with a lead blanket which shows wear, sags and loses effectiveness over time. 

Common Silflex lead blanket replacement applications include scaffold shielding, shield walls and general purpose shielding. Lead blanket replacements are a great product to keep spares available for outages. Lead blanket replacement sheets are used in nuclear power plants and laboratories across North America and have replaced lead blankets in many facilities. Contact us regarding our lead blanket replacement leasing program and lead blanket recycling program.

lead blanket
lead blanket
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10 lb lead blanket
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See below for lead wool blanket weight comparisons at a similar attenuation.

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