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radiation shield container


We have introduced an amazing radiation shielding line of protective enclosures, carts, barrels and other shielding transport devices used in the nuclear industry. Much like our Silflex shielding these pieces are custom made for the application.


Pig Shielded.jpg
Radiation Shielding Container
55 Gallon Shield Drum.jpg
Paint Can Shielding (1).jpg
paint can with handle (1).jpg

Our 1 gallon tinplate steel transport containers are designed for general purpose applications where particulate and small components can be shielded. These containers can be handled with heavy duty gloves or equipped with a silicone handle attachment for comfort.

The primary materials used are stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum alloy.  Steel is treated with a polymer powder coating to eliminate concerns of corrosion. Design enhancements for our containers and carts include locking casters, fixtures for shielding, and expanded metal panels which work as intrusion barriers.

Most products such as our 7a container, as shown, can integrate Silflex shielding. Where space is of the essence in a facility we can provide a storage unit designed specifically for inventory management. Now when outages come up, shielding is readily available and accounted for.

radioactive waste transport
7a full container.jpg
55 GALLON 2.jpg
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