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Boiler Shield

Silflex boiler shields are designed for magnetic performance on hot and cold legs of the boiler. By  increasing the magnetic strength of our divider plate shielding, we were able to attract through a 1/4" stainless steel wall.

silflex boiler
magnetic radiation shield
tungsten silflex

The tungsten Silflex strips are designed for flexibility along the bottom of the boiler. The eye bolts are attached to the sheets in for tie-off and strapping to lower the sheets into place.

The tube shielding cover has a top hat design with a hollowed out center to allow for FME coverage over the uncapped pipe stub. The base is Silflex Premium Magnetic and curved to adhere to the wall of the boiler. Lead blankets were used previously and proved time consuming to install.

tube shield 2.jpg
tube shield.jpg
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