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Dry Cask Shield

American Ceramic Technology has designed a Silflex shielding package specifically for use on dry casks and shield bells. This shielding contains Silflex tungsten and neutron shielding. With modular custom shapes we are able to provide shielding material which is lightweight while providing 85-90% overall dose reduction.

dry cask 2.jpg
dry cask.jpg
custom radiation protection
shield bell
silflex installation

The shield bell is designed to rest  on the transfer cask with the shielding aligned with an overlap to minimize radiation streaming. Dry cask shielding is designed for accessible weld locations and withstands heat of forced helium drying.

Wedge shielding is Silflex's replacement for lead snakes. Unlike lead snakes these shield gamma and neutron radiation. They cover the annulus gap between the canister and transfer cask.

annulus shielding.jpg
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