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DOT 7A Container

Shielded Silflex US Department of Transportation approved 50 mL and 1 L Type 7A containers are used for the handling, transportation and storage of radioactive material within the nuclear radiation shielding industry.

radiation shielded container.jpg
7a 5 gallon.jpg
radioactive waste transport

By providing a stainless steel Silflex shielding interlayer between the source and the container we are able to achieve transportable dose reduction. With our design we were able to reduce a Co-60 source from 15 mrem/hr to under 0.5 mrem/hr.

The Silflex bismuth and stainless steel 7a containers are commonly used for shielding and transporting radioactive chemistry samples. The 7a container comes with a stepped lid to prevent radiation streaming.

7a full container.jpg
7a container top.jpg
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