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Silflex floor shielding is a great product for shielding solid or grated platforms. Not only does Silflex flooring provide a quick installation for an excellent radiation shield, it also provides workers with a cushioned work surface for kneeling. The anti-slip capabilities with our new surface even surprises the experts in the slip testing field. 

Click here for anti slip analysis.

radiation protection floor

Silflex straight radiation shielding flooring comes in 12"x 12"x1.5” tiles. In iron at this size each tile weighs 20 lbs and provides an HVL of dose reduction on Cobalt-60. These tiles are available with or without a non slip yellow layer and are designed to provide maximum durability. Straight magnetic tiles to prevent shifting are available to reduce radiation streaming.

Radiation Shielding Floor

Silflex flooring tiles come in interlocking and straight configurations. Interlocking tiles are designed to stay together with pedestrian traffic and prevent radiation streaming. Interlocking flooring comes in 20"x20"x1.1" tiles and is designed for quick installation. We have had our flooring tiles engineered for equipment travel over solid and grated platforms. 

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