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Silflex radiation shielding has a silicone base with non-toxic shielding materials such as tungsten, bismuth, iron, stainless steel and neutron. These options provide a broad range of solutions to assist ALARA staff in meeting personnel exposure goals. Silflex is used for beta, neutron and gamma shielding. Click below for dose reduction by shielding material for Cobalt-60 and Cesium-137.

Best Radiation Shielding

Silflex is the lightweight radiation shielding option. Compared to pure lead at similar attenuation, tungsten Silflex is 25% lighter. Compared to lead blankets at a similar attenuation, our lead blanket replacement sheets are 50% lighter​. Using lightweight radiation shielding eases stress on the installer and increases speed of installation which in turn leads to overall dose reduction. 

 Silflex maintains conformity and stretchability through the material life cycle. As a non-toxic material there are no mixed waste disposal costs unlike lead. Coatings to increase slickness and durometer of material are available. Silflex can be customized with different colors and can have text laser printed to show information such as weight, part numbers and facility information.

Silflex provides exceptional stability at high temperatures up to 250 C (482 F) with various silicone compositions allowing for temperatures up to 538 C (1000 F). Silflex shielding has been used in temperatures as low as -40 degrees and is used for indoor and outdoor radiation shielding applications. 

Silflex radiation shielding can be fully customized and is easy to trim, cut, abrade, drill and punch. Silflex is very effective in moist conditions and is resistant to boric acid and sodium hydroxide. Click below for our leach test reports on tungsten and magnetic Silflex radiation shielding material.

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