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Seismic Testing

Seismic Radiation Shielin

In a seismic event there are several critical components within a nuclear facility which pose a severe threat if damaged. Using vibration equipment allows us to replicate the extreme seismic conditions which Silflex products would be subject to in the event of an earthquake. Silflex Z-racks, serpentine racks and magnetic radiation shielding have designs which have been tested and certified to nuclear industry seismic standards.


When Silflex magnetic radiation shielding is installed there are situations where you must be positive that it will continue adhering to the surface in a seismic event as personnel and critical components may be located below. Silflex sheets have been seismically qualified to 14 g peak on a random multi frequency test to meet the required response spectra. Silflex sheets have also passed testing on a random input motion table to a minimum acceleration peak of 5.5 g.

Magnetic Seismic Test


Silflex Z-racks and serpentine racks must maintain their structural integrity. With hundreds to thousands of pounds of Silflex shielding hanging on a rack it is important to know that this weight wouldn’t come crashing down during a seismic event. We carry shielding rack designs which have been seismically qualified and can test for new designs as well.

Seismic testing on racks was done using a shake table. Casters have been tested in locked and unlocked positions with similar performance. Testing has been done in operating basis earthquake (OBE) and safe shutdown earthquake (SSE) environments. Upon meeting OBE requirements of 4.61 g peak acceleration, the floor SSE level required response spectra was met as a 6.58 g peak acceleration was achieved. Silflex racks passed testing without the rack overturning and no damage to the Silflex tungsten shielding blankets.

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