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Gamma Shielding

Silflex has gamma shielding options such as tungsten, bismuth, iron and stainless steel. Tungsten and bismuth radiation shielding are suggested for gamma shielding with high levels of radiation and when a high degree of flexibility is required.  Stainless steel and iron are recommended for cost savings in low level radiation applications. Silflex magnetic material provides similar attenuation to Silflex stainless steel. Click below for gamma dose reduction by shielding material for Cobalt-60 and Cesium-137.

Neutron Shielding

Silflex has developed neutron shielding which is used extensively in PWR and BWR plants. An example of this is our dry cask shielding. Compared to borated polyethylene, which has a tenth value layer of 8 inches, Silflex neutron shielding typically has a tenth value layer of 2 inches. Tenth value layer reduction for Silflex neutron shielding is dependent on incident neutron Eave. Attenuation of non moderated Spent Fuel neutrons may be slightly lower. Silflex can reduce neutron dose levels much lower than polyethylene due to the Silflex neutron shielding makeup as a thermal neutron moderator and high energy absorber. 1/4 inch thickness provides approximately 98% reduction on thermal neutrons. Temperature ratings on standard high density polyethylene reach maximum temperature at 120 C (248 F) where Silflex neutron shielding reaches a maximum temperature at 250 C (482 F). 

Product enhancements such as grommets and S-hooks are available  for hanging on railings. Straps and handles can be designed into specific applications for tie off and ease of lifting. We are also capable of creating different surface friction co-efficients based on your needs.

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