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Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Laboratories


Nuclear power plants have been an early adopter of Silflex radiation shielding and are where our radiation shielding products are primarily found today. They have worked with us in many of our designs and most of our products are found in nuclear power plants worldwide. 

Silflex shielding is found in most nuclear laboratories in North America. Our cost saving options such as our lead blanket replacement sheets have been developed to support the nuclear laboratories in providing shielding for lower level radiation applications.

Having a smaller square footage than that found in nuclear power plants, it's important to use shielding within naval reactors due to close proximity to radioactive sources. Magnetic products, sheets, pipe wrap are primary products used in military applications. 

Nondestructive Testing


Oil & Gas

Silflex shielding is used in Se-75 and Ir-192 industrial radiography for nondestructive testing applications. NDT shielding uses include covering cameras and pipes with Silflex sheets, pipe wraps and tapes. Click here for more details on radiation shielding in nondestructive testing applications.

Silflex radiation shielding is used in mining for naturally occurring radioactive material for minerals such as uranium and thorium. Silflex is also used in protection against high levels of radon. Products such as our radiation vests have been used in mining applications where radiation is not localized.

Silflex shielding is used in pipeline shielding for NDT shielding applications and situations where naturally occurring radioactive materials are found. Silflex sheets and tapes have been used as detector shielding in field applications where background radiation is present.


Silflex Shielding is used in rail and tie inspection applications. When an x-ray box on the back of a truck emits radiation our radiation shielding can be used to protect workers in the area. Protective barriers can be attached to Silflex to increase durability and extend shielding life.


Silflex radiation shielding has been used in the following countries:

United States, Canada, India, China, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Spain, Norway, Finland, Russia and Brazil.

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