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Silflex sheets


Silflex sheets are the non-toxic and non-hazardous alternative to lead products in radiation protection for gamma and neutron shielding. They decontaminate easily and eliminate the possibility of mixed waste contamination costs.

radiation shielding sheet
silflex sheet

These lead alternative sheets are available in many radiation shielding materials like tungsten, bismuth, iron, stainless steel and neutron. Silflex sheets can be combined with magnetic radiation shielding allows for rapid installation without a secondary attachment.   

radiation shielding materials

Silflex sheets come in various sizes and thicknesses, starting at 1/8” thick up to several inches. As with all of our products Silflex sheets can be customized to your requirements.  Standard sheets come with the option of grommets and are available with or without our slick yellow decontamination layer. 


Click here for sheet mold inventory and click here for in stock sheet inventory.

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