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radiation shielding sheets


Silflex magnetic radiation shielding sheets are effective on surfaces with temperatures ranging from -50 C to 100 C (-58 F to 212 F). Beyond this range there will be a gradual, temporary loss of magnetic strength. Above 400 C (752 F) there may be a permanent loss in magnetism.

magnetic radiation shielding

Single-sided Silflex magnetic radiation shielding is ideal for attaching to permeable magnetic surfaces such as carbon steel. These sheets work great with our lightweight shield racks designed to allow the use of our sheet magnetic products. Our double-sided magnetic radiation shielding adheres to itself and can be wrapped or stacked. These are used for shielding areas that are non-magnetic such as stainless steel piping. 

Magnetic radiation shielding sheets and pipe wraps are available with all Silflex radiation shielding materials including tungsten, bismuth, iron, stainless steel and neutron shielding materials. By stacking multiple layers of different shielding materials these products can be engineered to shield beta, neutron and gamma radiation such as in our dry cask shielding.

Our patented Silflex Premium Magnetic radiation shielding is built for carbon steel pipes and walls.  Personnel can adapt shielding according to live dose-rate surveys by adding extra shielding in seconds without secondary attachment. Unlike discrete magnets, which can cause FME issues, safety issues and can tear through the silicone, with Silflex magnetic radiation shielding positioning and removal are safe, simple and quick. The magnetic strength shows NO decrease over term of use and is seismically qualified in many North American plants.

magnetic radiation shieldin
magnetic silflex
Lead Blankets

Silflex magnetic radiation shielding (right) can replace lead blankets (left) for space savings and aesthetic improvement within the facility.

Silflex Magnetic Radiation Shielding
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