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NDT Shielding

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Applications for Silflex shielding in nondestructive testing include covering collimators with Silflex sheets and guide tubes with Silflex tapes and pipe wraps. This radiation shielding allows for radiography shots to be taken within a localized radius. Traditionally NDT shots are taken during off peak hours to minimize radiation dose intake. By providing Silflex radiation shielding overall dose and downtime are significantly reduced.

Attenuation By Source

Below are attenuation by percentage results at a 10 metre distance based on Silflex tungsten shielding for the most common sources found in nondestructive testing; Se-75 which has a 5.5 mm tenth value layer and Ir-192 which has 15 mm tenth value layer. 


This video was provided by our industrial radiography representatives in India on an Ir-192 source. This was taken at 10 metres distance with each tungsten Silflex tape layer at a 1/8" thickness. 

Silflex Shielding have developed our guide tube shield to provide a stackable, flexible radiation shielding option to protect from lines containing radioactive material. 

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