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Frisker Caves

Silflex customizable and portable non-lead frisker caves are designed to reduce background radiation while inspecting loose surface contamination smears, air samples and field measurement. Frisker caves can be made to any dimension, shielding thickness and frisker model.

Frisker Cave
Frisker Caves
Silflex Frisker Shielding

Our frisker cave design uses magnetic shielding tiles which allows for the radiation shielding tiles to be removed to reduce weight for transport and assembly. This design allows us to provide much greater shielding attenuation than other portable frisker caves. Older frisker cave designs integrating poured lead and lead bricks are cumbersome and heavy. Exposed surfaces are sealed and readily decontaminated.

The frisker cave shown is designed for the Ludlum Model 44-9 GM pancake probe. Using the magnetic shielding we were able to create a frisker cave weighing over 100 lbs with no individual piece weighing more than 33 lbs. This provided ~68% attenuation on a Co-60 source.

Silflex Shielding Cave
Ludlum Frisker
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