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Silflex shielding racks are manufactured in-house at our South Carolina workshop. Originally developed for the Oconee Nuclear Station, we have manufactured racks and accessories for nuclear facilities across North America. 

Our steel or aluminum extrusion designs are seismically qualified with stock and custom sizes. We manufacture with ease of decontamination, transportation and rapid installation in mind. The racks shown below can be used for standard and magnetic Silflex sheets. Our three most common racks are barrel racks, z-racks and serpentine racks.

Barrel Racks
Barrel racks provide radiation shielding in all directions. The large barrel racks provide a low dose waiting area during staging and rotation between work groups. Small barrel racks can be used for shielding barrels and drums.
Serpentine Racks
Serpentine racks transform to a 90º angled corner. The heavy duty design is made for shield walls and temporary room construction. The long and short legs are designed to provide maximum tipping resistance for seismic qualification.
Z-racks are designed for easy access and improved storage within the facility. The Z shape provides enhanced stability when being transported throughout the facility. Standard racks come in 3'x6' dimensions and only weigh 65 lbs.
Silflex shielding rack accessories include an option for a base plate or individual hook attachments. Scaffold tie offs and casters are available and all racks have an option for an internal steel mesh intrusion barrier.
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