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Detector & Collimator Shields

Silflex provides several solutions for various camera, detector, collimator and monitor shielding applications. When background radiation readings are too high for these systems they will either provide false readings or the equipment will not work effectively. With sensitive components, radiation may cause permanent damage.

hfd lead blankets.png
detector shield.jpg

Flux detector before and after Silflex

collimator shielding

Silflex designs radiation shielding for collimators for protection x-ray and gamma radiation as well as allowing for focusing beams onto a specific area. Silflex is non hazardous unlike lead and cheaper and more versatile than a pure tungsten collimator shield. 

The collimator shields shown are a custom designed shield assembly. They were constructed to have a low profile and fit on a table in a mobile van so they can insert a detector and a sample for analysis. Using a 1" tungsten Silflex wall thickness, the weight is the minimum required for the necessary shielding of the detector and sample cover to reduce the background radiation.

collimator radiation shielding
Body Monitor Shielding.jpg

In certain zones the background radiation may be too high for a body count monitor. This results in the monitor being taken out of service and employees having downtime in radioactive zones. By adding a thin layer of shielding we have been able to reduce radiation levels to put these monitors back into service. In external carbon steel detectors we are able to attach our magnetic shielding directly to the monitor. Otherwise we are able to design this shielding for our racks.

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